Monday, July 27, 2015

#Water, #Juice and #life - Facts and Fiction

What is it?

Water is two hydrogens bound to oxygen; that's all. You need water to live even though it has no nutients, salts, or free oxygen. Gases, including oxygen, and salts, including table salt (sodium chloride) can dissolve in water. Therefore, the value to your health of drinking the water from a tap or bottle will vary with what's in it. Unless you buy or make distilled water, you will be drinking water with a variety of things dissolved in it. Those things may be harmful or good for you or may have no value at all to health. 

Examples of water solutions: 

#Orange, #pomegranate, and other juice contains sugars, vitamin C, natural flavorings, a variety of compounds called polyphenols, and salts but is mostly water. Commercial softdrinks are mostly water, but usually contain high quantities of table salt disguised by having very high sugar or artificial sweetener and flavorings, and dissolved carbon dioxide, which provides the bubbles as it comes out of solution. Often flavoring is added that has no nutritive value. Many natural favoring agents and polyphenols have been claimed to be antioxidants (see below). What you want to drink should be based partially on taste, but should also be based on facts rather than hype. You need H2O. All the other things that you might get from a drink, may be obtained from the solid components of your diet. On the other hand, if you have been exercising and sweated, you should replace the salts you have lost along with the water. So, having those salts dissolved in the water can be good. The problem is that will not taste good to most people and so in some products lots of sugar is  added. If your reason for exercising is to lose weight, the sugar may be why you're not.

Beware claims 

So, what about claims for spring water? 
Just remember that Evian spelled backwards is naive. Spring water, which may come out of a city water tap, may taste good because of the salts (not table salt) dissolved in it. I grew up in New York where the tap water tastes great and makes the bagels taste great too. But, it wasn't better for my health than distilled water. So, I'm for tap water. If you worry about contaminants, get a filter to take out the organics and heavy metals, which can be toxic, but are usually so low that your natural defenses protect you from them. 

And then there is pure nonsense. Indeed, what led me to writing this was the posting of an amusing picture of a product called "pHerformance" that claims "to activate the existing oxygen levels in Wisconsin natural spring water.  The result: pHerformance™ Water contains up to 700 times the activated oxygen levels compared to normal bottled water which rapidly re-hydrates the body for optimal results." Wow! I'd think this was a joke if they didn't also actually sell it. Want more oxygen? Get a tank. But unless you have a respiratory problem, that will do you no more good than normal breathing.


I've written on this topic several times and so just refer to my previous post, which you can click on here. 

For the more knowlegeable readers, I refer you to the free peer-reviewed article "How Do Nutritional Antioxidants Really Work: Nucleophilic Tone and Para-Hormesis Versus Free Radical Scavenging in vivo," which you can get here.

Bottom line

You need water. Lots of it. What's dissolved in it doesn't make the water better.



Tuesday, June 2, 2015

#Global_warming - are you a supporter of #science or not?

Go green or screw your children!

Of course, if you distrust science you will ignore this (see link below) and remain a pawn of those making profit from fossil fuels. On the other hand, for those with an open mind, this shows that natural cycles do exist, but that the Industrial Age has dramatically shifted us to the point that being a climate change denier makes you either a Koch whore or an imbecile.

The cycles are now changed and this link and the graph below show it!